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Badger, TerryA full Deck of Double-dummy Problems
Bird, DavidBachelor Bridge
Bird, DavidThe Bridge Adventures of Robin Hood
Cohen, LarryFollowing the Law
Cohen, LarryLaw of Total Tricks
Darvas, RobertRight through the Pack
DeSerpa, AllanThe Mexican Contract
Diosy, AndrewThere must be a Way
Dormer, AlbertDormer on Deduction
Ewen, Robert B.Doubles
Falk, AllanTeam Trial
Flint, JeremyWinning Edge
Forrester, TonySecrets of Success
Goldman, BobbyAces Scientific
Goldman, BobbyWinners and Losers
Granovetter, MatthewTops and Bottoms
Grant, AudreyDefense
Hamman, BobAt the Table
Hardy, MaxForcing NT
Hardy, MaxMajor Suit Raises
Harris, LarryDirector's Quick Reference Companion
Horton, MarkStep by Step Signalling
Kambites, AndrewCard placing for you
Kantar, Edwin B.Defensive Bridge Play
Kantar, Edwin B.Introduction to Defender's Play
Kantar, Edwin B.Kantar for the Defense 1
Kaplan, EdgarCompetitive Bidding
Karpin, Fred L.Strategy at Trick One
Kelsey, HughImprove your opening Leads
Kelsey, HughImprove your Partner's Defense
Kelsey, HughKilling Defense
Kelsey, HughThe Tricky Game
Kelsey, HughTest your pairs Play
Kelsey, HughTest your safety Play
Kelsey, HughSlam Bidding
Klinger, Ron100 Winning Bridge Tips
Klinger, Ron50 Winning Duplicate Tips
Klinger, RonModern Losing Trick Count
Lampert, HarryThe Fun Way to Advanced Bridge
Lawrence, MikeCard Combinations
Lawrence, MikeHand Evaluation
Lawrence, MikeDynamic Defense
Lawrence, MikeJudgement at Bridge
Lawrence, MikeTakeout Doubles
Lawrence, MikeWinning Bridge Intangibles
Lawrence, MikeWorkbook 2/1
Mahmood, ZiaAsk Zia
Mahmood, ZiaDefence
Mahmood, ZiaDeclarer Play
McPherson, EdwardThe Backwash Squeeze
Mollo, VictorI Challenge You
Mollo, VictorBridge in the Menagerie
Mollo, VictorMasters and Monsters
Powell, RichardTickets to the Devil
Reese, TerenceBridge Tricks of the Trade
Reese, TerenceBrilliancies and Blunders in the EBC
Reese, TerenceElimination Play
Reese, TerenceMistakes You make at Bridge (2 izvoda)
Reese, TerenceThe Extra Edge In Play At Bridge
Reese, TerenceMaster play in Contract Bridge
Rosenberg, MichaelBridge, Zia and me
Roth, DannyAwareness - The Way to improve your Bridge
Roth, DannyClues to winning Play
Roth, DannyWhy Women win at Bridge
Roth, DannyDefence
Rubens, JeffThe Secrets of Winning Bridge
Rubens, JeffTest your play as Declarer 1
Senior, BrianPlay these Hands with B. S.
Senior, BrianRaising Partner
Sheinwold, Patricia FoxHusbans and other Men I've played with
Simon, S. J.Why you lose at Bridge
Stewart, FrankDefensive Play
Stewart, FrankBetter Bridge for the Advancing Player
Watson, Louis H.The Play of the Hand at Bridge
Wei, C. C.Profits from Preempts
Wiss, Mike DornShadow in the Bridge World
Woolsey, KitMatchpoints
Woolsey, KitModern Defensive Signalling